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Basics | How to Use Custom Payment Methods

The Floranext POS will have default payment methods that are not covered in this article and do not need to be setup.

Those include credit card, house account, COD and Check.

Reporting-Only Payment Methods

It's important to note that the payment methods described here are all for reporting purposes only. That is, any payment method setup and used will not actually process a credit card or debit card, etc. These custom and predefined payment methods exist so that you can most accurately record the payment method used to pay for each order for better accounting.


Payment Methods Overview

Navigate to Settings > POS Settings > Payment Methods

Integrated credit card processing setup is optional and will be handled by your Onboarding Representative.

The payment methods available in this section are for reporting purposes only.

Simply enable the predefined Payment Methods your shop uses or create your own.

Some of the predefined payment methods are closely related and your shop may not use all of them - just pick what works for your accounting!


CC Terminal. Orders that are paid on a standalone credit card terminal, independent of Floranext. The credit card info is not entered in Floranext at all.

Debit. For orders that are processed on a standalone credit card terminal as a debit type transaction, independent of Floranext. The debit card info is not entered in Floranext.

Donation. Orders that are donated and therefore no currency is exchanged.

Promotion. Orders where no money is due because of a store promotion

Write Off. Also used as 'bad debt,' generally for orders that were not paid by customer. Mostly used for house accounts that go unpaid.


Custom Payment Methods

When setting up your florist POS you may want to set up new payment methods in addition to the standards (e.g. Credit Card, Cash, Check). These may include things like barter, hospital voucher or other more specific payment methods. 

You will have the option to show these payment methods on POS only or also on the website. Remember that no money is collected from the customer for these payment methods so typically these would be POS only. Once new payment methods are added, they should reflect on reports. 

We have decided to disable the "Remove button" from custom payment methods because removing a custom payment method can greatly affect your sales report so we want to make sure that it is done the right way. 

If you need to remove a custom payment method, please contact customer service. 

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