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Basics | How to Apply Delivery Charge Based on Postal Code for Canadian Shops

How does Delivery Charge by Postal Code work?

For Canadian shops, we recommend adjusting Delivery Charges to apply based on Postal Code.

When enabled, Floranext will look at the first 3 characters of the postal code of recipient's address (even if you enter all 6) and apply a delivery charge based on this, predefined by you. If the first 3 characters recipient's postal code are not listed on your Delivery Charges, then the 'Out of Area' delivery charge will apply. Note you can change the delivery charge when completing a POS order.


How to Setup Delivery Charge by Postal Code

Step 1. Enable Postal Code Delivery Charge

Navigate to Settings > Delivery > Delivery Charge

* Note this has been moved to the bottom of the Delivery Charge page


Step 2. From the dropdown, choose 'Postal Codes' 


Step 3. Enter in Postal Code Prefixes

1. From the Tax Manager, select  Add Delivery Charge

2. Enter all the 3 character prefix of Postal Code along with delivery charge, select Save Delivery Charge

To add more than 10 postal codes, save the first 10 and then click Add Delivery Charge again.

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