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Getting Started | Tutorial #7 - Changing Your Website Banner

To change the banner that appears on your Floranext florist website, in your dashboard, go to Website > Design > Edit Banner.

Note that the Website Advanced and website bundled with the POS+Website or POS+Website+Proposals package can have up to three banners that fade or "rotate" automatically from one to the next.

Also, If you are uploading custom banners, they should be approximately 890x260 pixels, and saved in the .JPG format. Any smaller than 890x260 pixels or in any other format, your banner may not appear in the highest possible quality.

Banners have a maximum size of 200k, so if you are creating your own, make sure the file size is under this limit.

You may either click Select Category to select a Floranext preloaded banner, or click Upload Banner From Your Computer to upload your own file. Banners should be approximately 890 x 260 pixels, and submitted in .JPG format.

Now that the website is ready, proceed to Step #8 to allow your Floranext onboarding representative access to your domain registrar account.

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