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Hardware and Printing | Setting Up Google Cloud Print With the Floranext POS

Floranext's florist POS allows you to print using Google Cloud Print. This is an easy way for you to print from any computer to any printer, without having to set up print server settings or any other complex settings. 

Once Cloud Print is set up you can print to your printer regardless of where you are - for example you could print to your work printer from your iPad, mobile phones at home. 

Setting Up Your Computer to Print With Google Cloud Print

Launch Google Chrome on your Windows PC and click the settings button on the top right of your Chrome browser - three horizontal lines. Select the “Settings” option. One you're there, scroll down to the very bottom and then click on "Advanced" 

Scroll to the Google Cloud Print section and click on it then choose "Manage Cloud print devices". You will be asked to log in to your Google account. After logging in, click on " Add printers". Add your ticket printer profile to your Cloud print.

Now go to your Floranext admin portal and go to Settings > POS settings > Print settings. 

Now turn on Google Cloud print and click on under "access code" field where it says " click here to get access code". It will ask you to log in to your gmail account as to where you set up your cloud print earlier during Step 1-4 then it will provide an access code which you need to copy and paste it under the "access code" field and then hit "Save". Lastly, under ticket Print, choose "Cloud print" and select your ticket printer profile and then hit "Save". 

Note: Only ticket printing is currently working right now. We're still working on receipt printing via Cloud print.

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