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Setting Up FSN Order Sending/Receiving

If you are a member of Flower Shop Network, you can activate FSN in your Floranext POS to send and receive FSN orders directly through Floranext.

To understand how it works, See Floranext POS & Flower Shop Network Overview.

1. Enable FSN in Floranext

First, go to Settings > Wire Service Settings in your Floranext dashboard and fill in the following sections:

Wire Out Fee

This is the default amount the POS will add to an order to send through FSN.

Wire Out Fee on Website: If a customer enters a recipient address that is not listed as a zip code you service under Delivery Charges, the wire out fee will be charged if this is enabled.

Tax on Wire Out Fee: Set to Yes only if your local tax code requires tax be applied to wire-out fees. Most jurisdictions do not.

Flower Shop Network

Active: Set this to No until confirmation of setup from FSN is received!

(FSN will need to send a test order to complete the activation and you will not be able to send out or receive FSN orders until the test order by FSN is complete—this is the next step.)

FSN Username: Enter FSN username here. This will be your shop phone number. Digits only, please, do not add hyphens or parentheses.

FSN Password: Enter FSN password (the same password you use on

2. Activate FSN

Contact Floranext Support to request FSN be activated.

Floranext will reach out to FSN to complete the activation and FSN will contact you to complete the test order.

3. Test Order

When FSN activates Floranext, they will send a test order to you. To confirm receipt of the test order, go to Orders and you should see the FSN order highlighted in blue with 'FSN' after the order number. Click the order to open it, then click Refuse. If you received the test order, the activation is complete and you are ready to send and receive FSN orders in Floranext.

If you did not receive the test order, please check you have Wire Service Settings set up properly with FSN set to active and the username/password entered, or contact Floranext Support for further assistance.

Need help sending or receiving a Flower Shop Network order? See Floranext POS & Flower Shop Network Overview

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