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Recording Spoilage and Waste

As a florist, some portion of your inventory may be lost to spoilage or waste.

To record this in your reports, we'll first go to Settings > POS Settings > POS Settings and find the Custom Payment Methods section.

Add a new payment method called Spoilage or Waste, and make sure this option is marked "Invisible on Frontend."

Now create a product category called Spoilage or Waste in Settings > POS Settings > Product Categories. 

Go to Products > Add Product and fill in the form. Set the Product Type to POS, name to Spoilage or Waste, ID to anything, then fill in a description and a price at $0.00 so you can manually add a price when you record the waste.

Select the reporting category Spoilage or Waste that we created earlier, and in the Advanced Options, set Taxable to No.

Now go to your take order screen and search for Spoilage in your products. When this product is added, it will automatically include the product category.

Add the price for the amount that was spoiled/wasted, and click Add Product to bring it down to the subtotal.

Check that the order doesn't have any tax (you can uncheck the Tax box to remove it from the product). 

Choose Spoilage as payment type.

Now navigate to Reports > Category Reports and filter by Spoilage.

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    When entering the price for the product you are recording as spoiled, do you put the wholesale cost or the retail cost?