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New in Floranext | Fall 2015

Gorgeous New Fall Banners Now Available!


The Floranext team is always looking for ways to increase the effectiveness and user-friendliness of our florist software.

Here are notes on the latest release.  You'll find links to more in-depth articles on new features below.


Florist Websites


Florist POS

New Features

  • Validate Recipient Address - See How!
  • New Fonts for Card Message of Ticket! See How!
  • New Marketing Report -New report showing products ordered along with customer info of who ordered them. See how!
  • Force the Employee Name on Take Order to be Chosen Every Order -Help eliminate the issue of employees taking orders under the wrong name. See how!
  • Print Delivery Zone on Ticket - Print zone on ticket for easy visibility for driver. See how!
  • Sales Report Summary Print - On Sales Report, option to print summary instead of full report. See how!
  • Custom Payment Methods - See how to add here.
  • Apply Delivery Charge Based on Postal Codes for Canadian Shops. See how to use this setting.


  • Option to add "Store Info" to invoice prints - Found in POS Settings
  • Improved Drafts - Drafts saves the 15 most recent to keep folder clutter-free.
  • Option to Show Customer Info For Taken Orders - Enabling will default to show the Customer Info section for 'Taken' orders to prompt staff to gather customer information.
  • Order Date/Time Added to Sales Report - On the Export of the Sales Report, date and time now included.
  • Sleek and Responsive Calendar Replaces Old Calendar - New calendar design appears on Website and POS.
  • Search by Phone or Email, to find customers on take Order, in addition to Name or Company.
  • Card Messages for Pickups have defaulted to blank instead of "NA"
  • Updated Order Status List -  The status 'Design Complete' and 'Ready for Delivery' now available for use in Order Status drop-down.


New Address Validation Feature can look up a city, zip code and suggest a correct address! See more



Thank you for taking a moment to read up on our new features. We are very proud to continually improve our products to better serve your needs. We appreciate and try to incorporate customer feedback into these updates, so feel free to tell us what you want out of our software. Stay tuned for more updates and new features as we are constantly growing

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