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What's New! April 2017

The Floranext team is always looking for ways to increase the effectiveness and user-friendliness of our florist software.  Here are notes on the latest release.  You'll find links to more in-depth articles on new features below.

Floranext New Features

Billing Info

The new Billing Info page displays your Floranext package, payment history and allows the card on file to be updated. All accessible from the My Account tab. For more information, please click here.

Create Users & Roles

For extra security, owners can create a login for each POS user and select which permissions each user should have. Click for more info.

Email House Account Invoices

 The capability to email invoices from house accounts has been added. For more information, please click here.

Floranext POS Updates

  • Added ability to Tab through Take Order Screen: Tab to quickly move to next field while entering information in the take order screen. Tip: when you enter city, hit Tab > Enter > Type In State Abbreviation or State Name > Enter > Tab to move country or zip code.
  • Delivery Page Simplified:  Names of Columns modified for easier view.
  • Mastercard Series 2: New Mastercard credit card numbers beginning with the number 2 are accepted on the POS. 
  • Reminder Emails Improvement: Increased stability of reminder emails to ensure they are sent and received.
  • Enhanced Delivery Routing: Improvements made to increase accuracy of address mapping
  • Print Reminder Bell Fix The yellow bell icon should reappear if a printed ticket is edited and not printed and disappear once printed. 
  • Navigation Bar Changes Delivery Confirmation and Delivery Charge settings moved to Settings > Delivery > Delivery Confirmation. For more information on Delivery Confirmation, please click here.
  • Simplified Settings: Apply sales tax to Wire Out Fee setting has been moved to Tax Manager page under 'Advanced' section.

Floranext Website Updates

  • Request a Consultation Available on Galleries: Request a consultation has been added to all gallery pages to encourage customers to reach out.
  • Enhanced Captcha: Captcha has been strengthened on the contact and request a consultation forms on websites to reduce unsolicited form submissions. For more information, click here
  • Mastercard Series 2: Floranext has updated websites to accept the new Mastercard Series cards. 

Floranext Proposal Manager Updates

  • Searching Archived Proposals: Archived proposals can be searched in the proposal manager. 
  • Improved Wedding / Event Settings: Explanatory bubbles added to give more info on each setting 
  • Email Proposal to Shop: Shops can also attach their email when sending the proposal to the customer. For more information, please click here.
  • New Proposal Statuses: Organize proposals better with new statuses
    • Schedule Consultation
    • Send Estimate (includes In Progress status)
    • Proposal Sent
    • Confirmed
    • Canceled
    • Complete
    • Archived
  • Mastercard Series 2: Floranext has updated proposals to accept the new Mastercard Series cards.
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