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New Features! - Wedding & Event Proposal - 2016

Floranext's floral software makes it easy to create a beautiful wedding or event proposals. We are excited to launch new features to our wedding or event proposals, take a look!

Viewing Proposals

Not to worry, the view button has not disappeared. With the updated design, we have turned the view button into a magnify glass and moved it to the beginning of the proposal line. Simply click on the magnify glass to view the proposal of your choosing.

Sorting Proposals

Sorting through your proposals can be a breeze with just a few simple clicks. By clicking on either Proposal ID, Name, Location, Date, and or Wedding/Event, you are able to sort your current proposals in ascending or descending numerical or in alphabetical order.


To search to see if a proposal is in progress, canceled, complete, or confirmed,  select the proposal's status drop down menu. Here you are able to generate the required search.

Searching for a proposal can also be done by typing in customer's name in the search box.

In a future release, you will be able to search by payment status.

A New Proposal

To create a new wedding or event proposal, click in the upper right-hand corner on the new proposal button. A pop-up window will appear, here you are able to choose between a wedding or event proposal.

Proposal Details

It's all in the details! With the new organizational features, entering in the simple details is easy as 1, 2, 3.

Features -

  • Drop down menu available to select Bride or Groom in a wedding proposal
  • Ceremony, Reception, or Event - Location, Date, time, and set up time can be entered.
  • Special Instructions - A great place to make special details regarding your customer's special day.
  • Notes - Here you can enter notes regarding the wedding proposal, visible only to you and your shop.
  • Charges - A section where you can add delivery or set-up charges pertaining to wedding or event.

Event Settings

To make the wedding or event proposal page organized, we have moved the settings tab under settings on your Floranext dashboard. Under event settings, you can include your shop's logo, enter terms, and email message.

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