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Using Event Reminders

When taking a POS order, it's possible to tag the order with a holiday or event.

Using an annual event like Birthday or Anniversary will allow you to have a reminder email sent to the customer a year later (using the Sympathy option will allow an acknowledgement to be added to the card portion of your superticket printout).

Note that reminder emails are only sent if the customer's email is included in the customer info section.

Adding New Events

To create new event tags, go to Settings > POS Settings > POS Settings and find the Events section at the bottom. You can add new events or customize the existing ones.

An event must be marked as Periodical for it to allow reminder emails to be sent.

Viewing and Updating Event Reminders

To view existing event reminders, go to Reports > Reminders.

Note that reminder emails are sent a year after the order is submitted minus two weeks by default. From the Reminders page, you can change this number to any number from 0 to 50 next to "Send Reminders Days Before Last Year's Purchase."

Event reminders can also be deleted on this page if needed.

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