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Setting Up Multi-Store for Your POS

The Floranext POS has a multi-store feature that, when enabled, can be used for shops that have multiple locations.

The multi-store feature allows store location name to be recorded for each order entered on the Floranext POS to then view deliveries, sales and reports for a specific location or all locations.

*Pricing varies, please contact Floranext to request this feature be enabled or to discuss price.

Setting Up Multi-Store

1. Enable Multi-Store

Navigate to Settings > POS Settings, scroll down to 'Multi-Store' and set Multi-Store Status to 'Enabled'

2. Adding Store Names

Click 'Add Store' to add your Store Names. This will be visible to your customers.

3. Choose Shop for Website Orders

If you have a Floranext website, select which store you want website orders to default to using the radio button 'Website Order Default Store.' All website orders will automatically select the store you've set as the default. Note, you can change the store on each individual order if needed.

Using the Multi-Store Feature

Take Order

When an order is entered on the POS, select the proper store location from the dropdown menu at the top.

View Deliveries

When viewing Delivery Manager, use the dropdown to view orders from a single location or all.

View Reports

When viewing any report, use the dropdown to view orders from a single location or all.

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