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Managing Products and Content | Increasing or Decreasing Prices for the Holidays

Floranext allows you to turn on holiday pricing across an entire category like Roses or Valentine's Day.

For example, you may want all products in your 'Roses' category to show a price that is $15.00 higher than the normal price for the week of Valentine's Day.

Note that any changes you make to website products will be reflected in the POS search as well!

All Products have the normal price and then a holiday price. The holiday price is shown only when holiday pricing is turned on for the category the product is within.

1. Choose the Category

For this tutorial, we will increase the price of all products in Roses by $15.00 using the Holiday Pricing Feature.

  • Navigate to Products > Products > Website Products
  • Click on the category name Roses on the left 


2. Turn on Holiday Pricing

  • The Roses category has been selected, click Edit Category
  • Change Holiday Pricing to On


3. Set Holiday Price Change

Next, update the holiday price change amount for the products in the Roses category.

You can either fill in the Holiday Price Change box for each product manually if each product requires a different increase, or you can fill in same amount for all products in the selected category.

For this demonstration, we want to increase all product prices by $15.00.

  • Enter in 15.00 and click Update Holiday Price Change

This will populate all Holiday Price Change boxes to 15.00 for the selected category.

  • Click Save All to save the prices


Turning off Holiday Pricing

When you later want to turn off holiday pricing select the desired category on the left Products menu > Edit Category - then turn holiday pricing to Off and Save All.

You can check after a holiday which categories have holiday pricing on because the category will say [Holiday Pricing] next to the category name.

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