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Marketing Setup | Website - How to Send a Newsletter/Email Blast to Customers Asking for online Reviews

How to Send a Newsletter

The Floranext POS makes it easy to export your customer email addresses to send out newsletters or email blasts using your preferred newsletter provider in 4 steps.

1..  Export Emails from Floranext POS

2. Sign up or log into your newsletter provider account

3. Add your Floranext emails to your newsletter contacts

4.  Create Newsletter and Send!


Step 1.  Exporting Emails from the Floranext POS

Here's how to export your customer email addresses from Floranext.

Go to your Floranext Admin > Orders > Customers. On the right hand side is a "Export Emails" button.


Next it will ask where you want to save the file.  Select a folder that's easy to find - you will need to find it again when adding these emails to your newsletter contacts list.


Step 2. Sign up or log into your newsletter provider account

If you don't have a preferred provider, here are some we recommend:

Newsletter Providers:

Each Newsletter provider has a free package that will work for most flowers shops and an easy-to-use guide to create gorgeous, custom newsletters.

Let's look at how to export emails from Floranext and add them to a MadMimi account. (Note all above providers have the same feature.)


3. Add your Floranext emails to your newsletter contacts (For example, MadMimi)

All the providers recommended allow you to add contacts to your email list by uploading the Email list exported from the Floranext POS.

Here's a walkthrough of how easy it is on


Click on '+Add Contacts'


 'Browse ' > find the Email Addresses file exported from the Floranext POS > Add Contacts



Now that the email addresses are added, it's time to create the newsletter.


Step 4.  Create Newsletter and Send.

Each newsletter provider will have different steps to creating the newsletter, but all are fun and easy- to-use with their own tutorials.  Please refer to your newsletter provider's help page for assistance.


Here's a link from MadMimi's Help page reviewing how to create a newsletter on MadMimi

Step 5. Create Email Asking Customer for Online Reviews


Thank you for your recent flower purchase.  We want to provide you with the best florist experience possible.  Would you consider posting a review of us online?  In addition to providing feedback, online reviews can help other customers learn about who we are & about our flower shop.  They are also a great way to give referrals to your family and friends.

Please take a moment to leave a comment on one of these sites - we would really appreciate it!

< Our Google Places Page >

< Our Yelp Profile >

Thank you in advance for your review & your patronage!

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