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Social Media | How to add meta tags in website head for verification (Pinterest or Google Site Verification)

Rather than doing website header verification, we strongly prefer using our pre-built verifications in the Website SEO page or DNS verification if possible. 

Pre-Built Verification - Best Way

For Pinterest and Facebook you can verify links in:

Admin > Settings > Website Settings > SEO Settings (advanced settings) - Facebook and Pinterest Verifications.

Note you should use just the "content" string of characters rather than the html code that surrounds it. 

<meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”your_shops_code">

Route 53 Verification - Second Best

This would involve adding a TXT value or similar to the Route 53 DNS entry that we manage on behalf of all Floranext website customers.

Add Header - Third Best

Our system does allow you to add code directly to the html head, but this is not the best option. If necessary you can update in System > Config > Designs > HTML Head > Miscellaneous Scripts > Paste code here with no quotes. 

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