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Website Content & Design | Front Page Banners

All website packages have the option to choose or upload a banner to promote a categories on your home page.

Adding a Banner

To select a banner, navigate to Website > Design > Banner.

Click Select Category and choose an option from the dropdown menu to display preloaded banner images for that category.

Use the size selector dropdown to choose the dimensions of the banner. When using the Belle theme, be sure to choose from among the Full Page designs only (other themes can use any size banner).

Standard Banner

Standard dimensions are 1440 x 432 pixels. For customers using the Advanced Website, up to three standard banners can be chosen. If more than one standard banner is chosen, they will rotate or fade from one to the next in a loop.

Full Page Banner

Full-page banners are larger banners that start from the top of your website and fill the entire screen, somewhat like a landing page. You can only choose 1 banner. The recommended size for custom full-page banner is 1366 X 768 pixels.

No Banner

No banner will display on your front page.

Remember to only use banners for categories that are active on the website! See this article for more information on activating product categories.

Simply check the box of the banner you want, and choose the number (1, 2, or 3) that you want it to show up in on the front page. 

Full Page Banners

Unique to the Belle theme is the ability to use full page banners for your shop's website! The theme comes preloaded with banner images for every holiday and special occasion. You may also upload your own large images to use as custom full page banners. Remember to select "Large Banner" in the Banner configuration settings to set the front page banner image to cover the entirely of the web page.

Uploading a Custom Banner

You can upload your own image as a banner by simply clicking on which category you want the banner to link to using the category select dropdown. You'll see the "Upload" button at the top right where it will give you the option to upload your own banner. When uploading a banner, select where it should link to and upload the banner.

Note: Standard banners should be approximately 1440 x 432 pixels, and in .JPG or .PNG format.  

Removing a Banner

If you'd like to remove banners, just go to Website > Design > Banner and click Remove under the banners you wish to remove.

Linking a Banner to a Gallery

Banners can now be linked to galleries as well as product categories. This is a great tool for showing off your wedding and event porfolio!

Linking a gallery to a banner is simple, it's done the same way you would add any other banner. In Website > Design > Banner, click Select Category. At the bottom of the list you should find your active gallery pages. Choose the gallery you would like the banner to link to, or select your Gallery Home to bring your customers to a page with all your galleries.

After making your selection, choose the banner to display.

Choose your banner and save, just as if you were adding a banner for a product category.

Success! Our new banner displays properly on our site, and links to the wedding gallery we chose!

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  1. Mike

    Hi Roman,

                    Sorry for the late response. The pre-loaded banners are connected to their category and the category itself should be enabled or else it will reload to your homepage instead. 

                   For faster response time, you can email us at or just go to your admin panel and click the "?" icon to chat with us real time. 

                   Thank you so much

  2. Roman Rabinovich

    how to I link the banner to a product page? all banners have a shop now button that does nothing except reload the home page.