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How do I temporarily suspend website orders during the holidays?

Do you need to temporarily suspend your website from accepting customer orders during a busy time, or the holidays? Just follow the steps below.

We recommend taking the following three steps:

  1. Mark delivery dates as unavailable on your delivery calendar
  2. Add announcement message to top bar (optional but recommended)
  3. Add announcement to delivery policy (optional but recommended)

Please note that these measures will not actually "turn off" your site. It will simply prevent potential customers from placing orders to be delivered or picked up within the range of dates you disable, and notify customers that you will be only accepting phone orders for the period. A customer will still be able to place a delivery order for after the holiday with no issue.

Mark Delivery Dates Unavailable on Your Delivery Calendar

In the Floranext dashboard, go to Settings > Website Settings > Delivery Calendar, click the date(s) you want to turn off for delivery (they'll turn bue), then Save.

Add Announcement Message to Top Bar

If you've blocked off the dates in your delivery calendar that will suffice, however we highly recommend setting expectations for would-be customers up front by explaining which delivery/pickup dates are unavailable for online ordering to avoid frustration.

Example: "We are only taking Valentine's Day orders by phone! Please call us at (212) 222-2222"

  1. Go to Website > Design > Top Bar and set "Show top nav bar text" to Yes
  2. Update the colors of text and background as you see fit (consider a bold color like red)
  3. Add your message to the bottom box
  4. Don't forget to click Save in the upper right corner

Remember to change this back after the desired date—unlike the delivery calendar, we cannot set a top bar message for only a range of dates.

Add Announcement to Delivery Policy

Add a message to your delivery policy to announce the need to call the shop for an order. Customers will see this message on every product's page before they can add it to their shopping cart.

  1. Go to Settings > Website Settings > Website Settings, then scroll down to Delivery Policy and add text
  2. You may also choose to enter a message above the About Us section. To do so, scroll slightly farther down to the Contact Us section on the same page

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