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Advanced Proposals | How Can I Add, Edit, or Remove Flowers and Supplies in Advanced Proposals?

To add, edit, or remove flowers and supplies in advanced proposals, just navigate in your Floranext dashboard to Settings > Proposal Settings > Flowers/Supplies.

Adding a Component

Choose the type of component you want to add, then click Add in the upper-right. A form will open for component information. When this is complete, click Save. 

Editing a Component

The advanced proposals come preloaded with a list of components which can be edited or deleted. You can either scroll to the list of Flowers or Supplies and click Edit, or you can use the search function to find a component to edit.

Removing or Deleting a Flower or Supply

You can delete a flower or supply component by going through your list and clicking Edit, or by using the search function to find the component you want to delete. After clicking Edit a form will appear where you can delete the component.

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