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Advanced Proposals | How Can I Edit or Add Wedding Categories to Advanced Proposals?

Advanced proposals have a set of built-in categories and subcategories to help organize which members of a wedding party get which florals.

Note when you're creating a non-wedding event, your proposal won't have access to these categories—they apply only to wedding proposals.

Accessing Wedding Categories

In the Floranext dashboard, navigate to Settings > Proposal Settings > Wedding Categories.

You will be brought to a screen where you can edit categories or add new ones. Notice the main categories (Bride, Bridal Party, Groom, etc.) and the default subcategories indented beneath them (for Bride: Bouquet, Headpiece, and Other).

Editing Wedding Categories

To update any of these product categories, click Edit on the right. You can rename the category itself (Bride) or any of the subcategories, as well as delete any existing subcategories.

Click Submit to save changes!

Adding New Wedding Categories

To add new categories or subcategories, click Add New in the upper right of the Wedding Categories page.

First choose whether you're adding a category or subcategory. If you're adding a subcategory, a new box will open where you can choose the category to nest it under.

Note that if you're creating a new category and adding subcategories to it, you'll need to create the parent category first in order to nest the subcategories under it.

Choose a name for the item:

Now click Submit to create the item.

Using Wedding Categories

To use your new category or subcategory, open a wedding proposal and find it under the category heading.

For a subcategory, 1) click Add Item under the category heading, 2) check the item on the right and rename it if desired, and 3) click Add Item to confirm adding this arrangement to the proposal.

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