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New Feature | Swoon Theme

This winter we released Swoon, the third advanced website theme. As an advanced theme, Swoon is optimized for best SEO results and improved layout and design options.

Switching to Swoon

To update your theme to Swoon, you'll first need to be using the new admin theme. You can update to the new theme in Settings > POS Settings > POS Settings and scroll down to the Other Options section.

Set Admin Theme to New, then scroll up and save.

Now that you're using the new admin theme, you can switch to Swoon in your theme manager (Website > Design > Theme). Scroll down and click Swoon. Don't forget to save!

Like the other advanced themes, if you scroll down further you can see a set of customizable options for the theme, including accent color and the information that appears in the header and footer.

Aesthetics of Swoon

Swoon is a minimalist theme with a few key features that set it apart from the other advanced themes, Boundless and Venture.

When using Swoon, the accent color appears when mousing over a product...

...and as the background color in the site footer...

And most importantly, the main navigation bar "floats" or follows you down the page as you scroll, so that your customers have easy access to the product categories and site pages even as they're exploring your product offerings.

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