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Website Content & Design | Front Page Widgets

Widgets let you easily add content to your homepage like testimonials, location, photo galleries, store owner profile, and more. 

First, make sure you're using an advanced website theme. You can check and change your theme in your dashboard under Website > Design > Theme.

Adding Widgets

To access Widgets, go to Website > Front Page > Widgets.

There are a few default widgets you can enabled by checking the boxes, but you can also create new customer widgets from a template.

(Note that the gallery widget has a limit of 4 images that can be displayed.)

To add a widget, just click Add New in the top right and a form will appear where you can enter the title, body, alignment (left, right, or center), and upload an image.

Don't forget to enable the widget after adding it!

Editing Widgets

To edit a widget, just click Edit on the right side of the screen. Editing a default widget has corresponding instructions.

Enable or Disable Widgets

To enable or disable a widget, just click the checkbox to enable or disable the widget.

Sorting Widgets

You can sort your widgets by simply dragging and dropping them where you want them to be. 

Note: When activating the Galleries widget, only your first four galleries will appear on the front page. These are pulled from Website > Galleries.

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