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Marketing | Reminder Emails

The reminder email is an automated feature that sends an email to a customer around a year after their purchase to remind them to order again.

A reminder email is automatically queued to be sent to customers who submitted web orders or processed a delivery order in your POS, only if the customer's email is entered and an annual event is selected in the Card Message section (under Events).

If you would like to retroactively add an event and reminder for an order, you can go into the order and edit to add an event.

By default, the reminder email is sent 14 days prior to their order date from last year, but this can be adjusted in Reports > Reminders.

To delete a pending reminder email, just go to Reports > Reminders, then search for the sender or recipient and click Delete right next to the email record. 

Reminder emails contain the sender name, a link to your website, your store logo, and store phone number.

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