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Basics | Editing an Order

To edit an order, simply access your Orders page and click View on the order you want to edit.

Now click on Edit in the upper right and you can update any details about the order.

Adding or Removing Products

You can add a new product to the order by clicking "Add new product" under the "Items ordered" section in the lower left.

You can remove a product from an order by clicking the X button next to the product.

If you don't see the X button, use the scroll bar at the bottom of the "Items ordered" section to scroll to the right.

Editing Product Information

You can edit product information like description, product category, price and quantity.

Editing Sender or Recipient Information

You can edit all the information of your Sender or recipient, and validate the recipient address after editing to make sure the address is valid for routing purposes.

Editing Delivery Information and Card Message

You can edit the delivery time and date. You also have the option to edit the card message.

Setting a Reminder for Next Year

If you forgot to add a reminder for next year during order entry, you can edit the order and add a reminder in the Acknowledgement section. Select an event, and make sure to put a check mark under "Send a reminder next year." 

Editing Tax and/or Delivery Fee

You can edit the tax percentage or the delivery fee by editing the order and going to the bottom right and simple editing the field for tax and delivery fee. 

Note: If you want to totally remove tax, just change it to 0% instead of just totally leaving the field empty.

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