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Integrating Quickbooks Online with Floranext

Floranext's Quickbooks Online integration enables users to send their POS and website orders directly to Quickbooks Online (desktop versions are not supported).

For more details on the Quickbooks connection, see this article.

Before You Start

Quickbooks Online vs. the Desktop Version

First, the Floranext-Quickbooks integration is ONLY available for Quickbooks Online users. The desktop version cannot be integrated, you will need to upgrade to the online version of Quickbooks first.

Note that if you are upgrading from the desktop version to Quickbooks Online, you will need to merge your data from the desktop version BEFORE we set up the Quickbooks integration.

Communication with Floranext

Before you set up the integration, communicate with your onboarding representative or Floranext Support so that we can configure your Floranext account accordingly. This is of vital importance, and the integration will not work unless it is complete.

We also recommend having a Floranext agent on the phone (or remoted into your computer) to help walk you through this process.

Preparing Quickbooks for Integration

The integration must be done on a computer logged into both your Floranext account and Quickbooks Online.

In your Quickbooks Online account, find the gear icon in the upper right and click Company Settings.

In the Sales tab of Company Settings, find the Shipping option and set this to On.


Preparing Floranext

In the Floranext dashboard on the same computer, navigate to Settings > Quickbooks > Settings.

Set the date of the first transaction export (this could be the 1st of the month, for example). If you do not currently have a live website with Floranext, make sure POS Only is set to Yes.

Double check the date before proceeding! This will be difficult to update later.

Connect to QB

Click Save & Connect to QB. If you're logged into your Quickbooks account, you will be taken to an authorization page. Click Authorize. This will bring you back to the settings page and your service will be connected. You should never need to do this again.

Make sure the correct tax rate is selected when Floranext reloads. If there is no tax rate showing under the drop down you will need to set up the tax rate in Quickbooks under Taxes > Sales Tax.

Export Transactions

In Floranext, go to Settings > Quickbooks > Export.

Transactions that are not yet imported will have an orange clock icon. Those that are imported will have a green check mark. Test out the export by hitting the Export button and sending transactions to Quickbooks. You will need to refresh the page to see that the export happened successfully.
In Quickbooks, navigate to Transactions > Sales and match up the latest transaction details including total, tax, and shipping (delivery) between Floranext and Quickbooks.

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