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Printing Tickets from the iPad App

Before you get started, note that it is best to use a single-tray printer to print tickets from the app. However, if you'd like to try using your 2-tray printer, use the steps below.

Because every printer is different, please check your printer manufacturers' instructions on exactly how to find these settings on your unique printer.

  1. First, on the printer's screen or menu, specify the paper size in each tray (generally this should be Letter for Tray 1 and Legal for Tray 2).
  2. Try printing a ticket from the app to check it prints on the correct paper—if it doesn't, set the Default Tray on the printer to Tray 2 or the tray you have tickets in.

Please note, setting the default tray to Tray 2 using the above steps may cause other printouts from the Floranext iPad app (and other apps) to print to Tray 2.

If this problem persists, we recommend using a separate, single-tray printer for tickets to avoid this issue.

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