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Point of Sale | Order Drafts

It's annoying when you accidentally went in to a different page and lose all the information that you've typed in while taking an order or maybe your customer doesn't have all the information yet and you need to save the progress of the order. No worries because we have the "Draft feature" where in case this happens. 

The "Draft feature" button is located at the top right of the page when you're on the take order page. When you click on this button, it'll show you your the list of drafts that you've saved where you can either open or delete any draft.


FAQ: Frequently asked questions

1. How does system decide what to save as a draft?

     - After Take Order is opened and any information is typed on any field, then the system will now store that in draft immediately.

2. How do you save an order in draft?

   - You need to move to a different page or refresh the page to save it as draft

3. What can cause an order to NOT save as a draft?

   - There are several cases. Draft can be lost completely if user just closes browser or shutdown PC.
  - If user has started placing order in one browser / PC, and wants to complete it in another browser/PC. In this case user will not see draft in second PC until user refreshes the page on the first PC.

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