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What is a "Payment Transaction Failed Reminder" email?

Anytime a customer on your website attempts to checkout on your website but cannot complete the transaction for any reason, you will be notified to your store email with a Payment Transaction Failed Reminder message.

Web orders can fail due to a mistyped credit card number, incorrect billing address, or neglecting to fill out a required field. The reason is included in the email as a courtesy so that you can keep tabs on possible common causes, but no action is required.

These emails are generated anytime there is a problem, even if the customer recognizes and corrects their mistake, and completes the order successfully. If you receive one of these emails and a web order notification for the same customer, the customer's card was authorized and accepted.

If you wish to stop receiving these emails, let us know at and we can adjust your settings.

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    How is the customer notified that the transaction wasn't approved?