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POS Setup | What ticket paper does Floranext use?

Using tickets with Floranext is now easier than ever!

You will no longer need to buy legal-size supertickets from John Henry, just order Floranext tickets here!

Floranext tickets are heavy, letter-sized (8.5" x 11") card stock, and are available for sale in increments of 250 to 5,000.

Floranext tickets are pre-perforated into 3 sections for your convenience:

  • Order Details in summary to be kept by the store
  • Card portion which includes the card message and recipient address
  • Delivery Slip for the driver, including a place for recipient signature and delivery instructions

Floranext allows you to print your store logo and address on tickets using your own printer, though we also offer custom tickets pre-printed with your logo here.

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