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How do I add photos to my wedding galleries on advanced themes?

Advanced themes (such as Venture, Boundless and Swoon) have a feature that allows you to create a "gallery of galleries" for organizing and presenting your wedding portfolios.

To enable and start adding images to galleries, navigate to Website > Galleries. 

To enable, simply confirm that Show in Menu is checked. 

Next, hit Add Gallery and then fill out the gallery title and choose the image you'd like to be the main gallery image. The best image dimensions for this image are 1190x300px. Finally, fill your gallery with all your images and hit Save.

After adding the images, you can now go to your website and browse through your gallery images. You can click on the image to be able to zoom in and by clicking on the left or right arrows on the page you can move to the next or previous image or just use the "arrow keys" on your keyboard. Finally you can use the "X" button on the top right to exit out of the zoom in mode.

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