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Subscription Flowers | Setup Instructions

Floranext's Subscription Flowers feature allows our users to set up an easy to follow web page with an updated look where their customers can sign up for a subscription delivery service.

How Can I Get Set Up?

In this article we'll go over (follow the hyperlinks below to jump to each section):

For More Info See:

How to Enable

First you will need to make sure you meet all of our requirements. If you're unsure on any of these, no need to stress, your Onboarding Agent can help answer any questions.

  • Sign up - After you are signed up, an Onboarding Agent will have to manually enable the feature for your use. 
  • An Advanced Website theme - the Subscriptions Flower page is only compatible with our Advanced Website themes: Belle, Boundless, Swoon & Venture.
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing - customers must be able to set up a payment method to process future orders, which can only be done using our Stripe or USAePay integrations. 

Once you hear back from your Onboarding Agent, you should get access to Settings > Website Settings > Subscriptions and Website > Front Page > Widgets. 

You can coordinate with your agent further for an easy setup, but feel free to review how to set up if you would like to get started sooner!

How to Set Up the Nav Bar

From Settings > Website Settings  > Subscriptions you can manage your Nav Bar settings. 

Important: Set the page to "Enabled." If the page is set to "Disabled" you will not be able to create a link to the subscription page for your customers to use.

Nav Bar: Set "Show Page on Nav Bar" to Yes and a new drop down with locations on the Nav Bar will become available. 

From there you can select to show on the "Main Navigation" or choose another item on your Nav Bar to nest the link under. 

Make sure to hit the Save button at the top of the page to save your changes.

How to Set Up a Subscription Banner

Once you have Enabled the Subscription Flowers page in the step above this, you will be able to set up a banner to link to your Subscription Flowers page too.

Go to Website > Design > Banner.

From here you will see that Subscription Flowers is now an option. You can choose from our custom Floranext banners or to upload one yourself.

For more information on our Banners feature, please read this article.

How to Set Up the New Widget Banner

With the Subscription Page Enabled from the Subscription Settings Page (read Nav Bar setup section) you are ready to link to the page from Floranext's new Widget Banner. 

Navigate to Website > Front Page > Widgets (your Onboarding Agent may need to give you access).

From the Widgets Manager page, hit the "Add New" button and select "Banner Widget."

This will open a popup that will let you set details:

Note: Ask our Onboarding Team, or follow this link for a collection of our preselected, licensed Subscription Banner images to boost your website's style! 

For more information on our Widget feature read here.

How to Make Edits on Your Subscription Options

Floranext has provided default pricing, text, images and Subscription Package options for, but those can all be managed from Settings > Website Settings > Subscriptions. 

Editing a Subscription Package:

There are several steps to the Subscription Flowers Page:

  • Step 1 - Choose your Subscription Option
  • Step 2 - Choose Price, Frequency and Duration
  • Step 3 - Login/ Account Creation (This step is skipped if the customer is already logged in)
  • Step 4 - Entering Recipient Information
  • Step 5 - Delivery Date, Card Message and Delivery Instructions
  • Step 6 - Entering a Payment Method
  • Step 7 - Order Review - Where the customer can review their order details, accept your Terms & Conditions and submit their order. 

Our default Subscription Options are: Roses, Seasonal Flowers and Plants. As a user, you can customize the Subscription Options Steps 1 & 2.

Hit the "Edit" button to update any information from Settings > Website Settings > Subscriptions in the "Subscription Pricing" section.

You can update:

  • Title
  • Body text
  • 3 Example Images
  • Package Pricing


  • We recommend square images with a resolution of at least 300x300 for best image quality.
  • The pricing options work the same way our Website Products pricing works. The first price is the base price, the second two options are added on top of the base price. In this example the "Premium" price option is $60 total.
  • The "Description Field" will show up as hover over text to give your customers more information on their price options. See example below. 

How to Set Your Terms & Conditions

You can set custom Terms & Conditions for your Subscription service which will appear on the Order Review step of the checkout process. 

Customer are required to select a checkbox agreeing that they have read and agree with your terms before they are able to submit their order.

To edit your Terms & Conditions go to Settings > Website Settings > Subscriptions and navigate to the bottom of the page.  

Notifications Settings

Floranext will notify you with both a reminder banner at the top of your page...

and via email:

Note: The Subscription Order will drop into your admin upon purchase. You will receive all of your standard Website Order notifications: Email, Phone Call, Text and our new order "Chime".

From both the Subscription Management Page AND POS Settings, you can specify how many days before an upcoming Subscription order's delivery date you would like to be notified. 

How to edit Subscription Orders Schedules

From Admin > Reports > Subscriptions/Standing Orders you can edit upcoming orders that have not been processed yet. You can even edit a customer's subscription schedule if needed.

Customer Subscription Management

Customers can login from the "Customer Login" link, located at the footer of your website. 

From there they can edit their payment methods, view past orders, recipient info for upcoming subscription orders and even their next delivery date. 


Is this related to Standing Orders? 

Yes. Standing Orders is an existing feature for our POS customers to set up recurring deliveries for customers. Subscription Flowers is a revamp and relabel of the old Standing Orders where customers can sign up and manage their Subscriptions from your website's frontend.


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